Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves

Cold hands are a thing of the past now with the numerous options of heated snowmobile gloves available on the current market. It never fails, you head out for a day on the snow and end up with cold hands. Whether your handlebar warmers are not working, your gloves got wet or you just do not have very good insulated snowmobile gloves the hands can be very sensitive to the cold. Quit messing around with your cheap gloves that do not keep your hands warm! Invest your money wisely in a pair of heated snowmobile gloves and never run the risk of having cold hands again. 

When to use heated snowmobile gloves

Heated snowmobile gloves can be used anytime. Most have three heat settings for different weather conditions. These gloves are insulated like any other insulated snowmobile glove, but have an added electronic heating element in them that produces the heat. With that being said they will keep your hands warm even if you forget to charge them or do not have them turned on. Meaning you could literally use these snowmobile gloves whenever you choose to. There really is not a bad time unless the conditions are rather warm. Then we would suggest avoiding an insulated glove in general and wearing something lighter that still provides grip and protection from the elements of mother nature. 

The Bested Heated Snowmobile Gloves 

#1 509 Backcountry Ignite Heated Snowmobile Gloves

Let’s start this off with one of our favorites… obviously. The 509 Backcountry Ignite Snowmobile Gloves are no joke. As you likely already know, 509 does not cut corners when it comes to designing and manufacturing quality snowmobile gear for people passionate about the sport. It is clear no corners were cut in the process of making these heated snowmobile gloves as well. 

The 509 Backcountry Ignite Snowmobile Gloves feature a push button operation located on the cuff of the gloves. This button offers three heat settings to match whatever conditions you are riding in on any given day. These gloves are powered by a 7.4 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery which provides up to 5 hours of heat. Battery life varies depending on the heat setting being used. For example, higher heat uses more power therefore shortening the battery life. 

The carbon heating elements in these heated snowmobile gloves covers the back of hand and back of thumb. In addition to the built-in heating system, these gloves also have 200 grams of insulation on the back of hand and 100 grams of insulation on the palm side. Ensuring a warm hand even without the heat feature powered on. A goat leather palm adds even more durability to this already well built heated snowmobile glove. 

Let’s talk about price. Coming in at $219.95 USD we find this glove to be very fairly priced. Considering we have spent more on regular insulated snowmobile gloves without a heating feature, $219.95 for heated snowmobile gloves does not sound bad at all. The 509 Ignite Backcountry Heated Snowmobile Glove is a high quality product that is built to last. To ease your mind even more, 509 offers a 12 month warranty. 

#2 FXR Recon Heated Snowmobile Gloves

A favorite amongst Snocross pit crews and fans alike, the FXR Recon Heated Snowmobile Glove was made to make cold weather enjoyable. FXR, as you likely are already aware of, is a trusted brand who has gained the loyalty of many in the snowmobiling community. They produce some of the highest quality snowmobiling gear money can buy.

This heated snowmobile glove only comes in one color which is black, but they look good. FXR managed to keep this glove looking clean and classy while putting most of their focus on functionality. This glove features a pre-curved finger design for better fit and performance, an index finger goggle wipe, adjustable wrist strap and cuff, fleece lining, leather palm and thumb and more. There is so much to love about this heated snowmobile glove. 

Operated by using a button on the cuff much like the previous glove talked about, this glove also has three heat settings powered by a 7.4 volt lithium-ion battery. As like the other gloves, the battery life varies with the heat settings. On the lowest setting this heated snowmobile glove will provide up to 5 hours of heat. 300 grams of insulation on the back of hand and 200 grams of insulation are what helps make this glove a little warmer than some of its competitors. 

These heated snowmobile gloves come at a cost, $265.99 to be exact. Let’s just say FXR knows their worth. Their customers are willing to spend the money because they know what they are getting. FXR also has a high level of confidence in their products hence why they offer a 3 year progressive warranty on these heated snowmobile gloves. 

#3 Fly Racing Ignitor Pro Heated Snowmobile Gloves 

Looking for a heated snowmobile glove that will do the trick, but will not break the bank? The Fly Racing Ignitor Pro Heated Snowmobile Gloves may be the best option for you. An all black, very simple design makes these gloves less appealing than other options. These gloves honestly do not look the greatest in our opinion, but are great for the riders that are not too concerned about style and more about function. 

Like the other heated snowmobile gloves mentioned, this glove features 3 heat settings, is powered by 2 lithium-ion batteries and is operated using a button on the cuffs. The button on these gloves is a tad larger than others being it has a plus and minus on it to control the heat settings. With only 80 grams of insulation on the back of hand and 20 grams on the palm side this heated snowmobile glove is not as warm of an option as most when the heating elements are not powered on. This also contributes to the lower price of this glove which retails at $199.95 USD. 

Other notable features of the Fly Racing Ignitor Pro Heated Snowmobile Gloves include a full leather palm and fingers, silicone print on palm for improved grip, integrated hard knuckle armor for increased protection, and they are touch screen compatible. These gloves would be great for the rider who is concerned about bulkiness and looking for a slimmer fitting option that will still keep your hands warm. 

#4 Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove 

When Klim made the Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile glove they made keeping you on the snow for as long as they can a top priority. Like the others this glove has 3 het settings. What sets this glove apart from others is the technology that went into the different heat settings. On high heat this glove will run for 10 minutes and then automatically switch to medium heat. They do this for two reasons, the first being it saves battery life and keeps your gloves warm longer and the second being it keeps your hands from overheating. When your hands get too warm they sweat and when they sweat they get wet. Nobody likes wet hands and we all know wet hands lead to cold hands. 

Similar to the 509 heated snowmobile gloves previously mentioned in this article, the Klim Resistor Heated Snowmobile Gloves have 200 grams of insulation on the back of hand and 100 grams of insulation on the palm side. The heating elements in the Klim Resistor cover the back of hand and the fingers, providing full hand heat coverage when used with heated grips on your snowmobile. 

One thing we wish Klim would offer is more color options. Like some of the other gloves mentioned already these gloves are only offered in the color black. This is fine and all, but we all know a little color is always fun. We really can’t get too worked up about this though as these gloves have a lot to offer including, but not limited to, a full leather palm and fingers, built in goggle squeegee, up to 8 hours of battery life on the lowest heat setting, knuckle protection and comfort fleece lining. 

You will need $249.99 USD to add these heated snowmobile gloves to your gear setup. For what you get we find this to be a fair price and would not hesitate spending the money on these gloves. We have used Klim gear for years and have always been satisfied with the products they manufacture. 

#5 Mechanix Wear Coldwork M-Pact Heated Snowmobile Gloves 

Chances are high this glove, out of all the others on list, is the one you are least familiar with or maybe even expected to see on this list of the best heated snowmobile gloves. It was not until we got involved in the ISOC Snocross world that we discovered Mechanix Wear. We sure are happy we discovered Mechanix Wear when we did because we started using their products diligently. 

The Mechanix Wear Coldwork M-Pact Heated Snowmobile Glove is like no other. This glove is smart. Literally it is equipped with an intelligent thermal technology heating system that automatically turns on when the glove is placed on your hand. Not only does it do that, the heating system also regulates and adjusts temperature based off body and outside temperatures ensuring your hand stays warm at all times. 

If your mind is not blown you may want to schedule a doctor appointment. On top of all this, these heated snowmobile gloves also have an app that you can connect them to customize the heating settings to your liking. With this in mind they made the index finger touch screen compatible. I think it is safe to say these are the gloves of the future. 

Built out of cowhide, 133 grams of insulation throughout, increased knuckle protection, ergonomic palm design and a hot stamped texture for maximum grip this glove was made to last. Mechanix Wear took no shortcuts when designing this heated glove. Although not specifically designed for snowmobiling, this glove would make an excellent heated snowmobile glove. 

You get all this for $249.99 USD. This purchase seems like a no brainer. We have not yet tried these heated gloves, but have used other gloves made by Mechanix Wear and from our experiences we feel confident in saying these gloves are worth the money. In fact, we will likely end up buying a pair this season! 

#6 Klim Powerxross Heated Gloves 

The Klim Powerxross Heated Snowmobile Glove is much like the Fly Racing Ignitor Pro. These gloves were designed to give you maximum control and feel when riding your snowmobile, but also to keep your hands from freezing. The best time to use these heated snowmobile gloves is when the conditions are not brutally cold or when you plan on doing a lot of aggressive, physically demanding riding. 

To keep a sleeker, under-cuff design the Klim Powerxross Heated Snowmobile Glove features 100 grams of insulation on the back of hand and no insulation in the palm. This helps provide increased handlebar feel. The heating system is exactly the same as the Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove previously talked about. The battery life lasts up to 8 hours on the lowest heat setting. The high heat setting automatically switches to medium heat after 10 minutes to conserve battery and to keep your hand from overheating. 

This glove will cost you $229.99 USD which is why we placed it lower on the list than the Fly Racing Ignitor Pro Heated Snowmobile Glove. With that said we obviously still find this glove to be a good option at this price point, hence it making our list. Our biggest complaint about this glove, just like the last Klim glove we talked about, is the lack of style and color. This is minor as most other gloves are also fairly bland when it comes to color scheme options as well. 

#7 Fly Racing Title Heated Gloves 

Last but not least we have the Fly Racing Title Heated Snowmobile Gloves. Picture a motocross style glove, now add heat. This glove was not meant for Long, high speed trail rides in extreme cold. This glove was meant for the not insanely cold days and the riders who want to feel their handlebars more than wanting warm hands, but still want both. 

This heated snowmobile glove features 3 heat settings and is powered by lithium-ion batteries. Operating this glove is done using the button on the cuff, just like the others. There is very little insulation in these heated snowmobile gloves, but there is some. These really are the perfect heated snowmobile glove for freestyle riders. 

Pick these up for $159.95 USD and you might just find yourself competing at the next Winter X-Games. We do not recommend these heated snowmobile gloves if you are looking for something that will keep you hands warm on long, cold trail rides or in other harsh conditions. This description for this glove has been short and sweet, but so is this glove.

Conclusion: Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves 

When it comes to choosing which heated snowmobile glove is best for you it can be very overwhelming as there are so many options. We highly recommend taking the time to look at each glove and identifying what your exact needs are. We also recommend taking more than one pair of gloves with you when you go riding as conditions change and you never know when you may end up needing them. Each glove is different and has its own perks. We have no doubt there is definitely a heated snowmobile glove in this list that you will be happy with. Please comment below what heated snowmobile gloves you chose and what you like and do not like about them. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach out to us on any of our social platforms @sledheadzzz. We are always down to talk snowmobiling! 

Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves