DuraPro Magnetic Snowmobile Tether Review 2022

The snowmobile tether is a product you do not want to ride without. Choosing to do so could result in serious injury, perhaps even death. You may be thinking to yourself “there’s no way a tether can save my life while snowmobiling.” Think again! Take this scenario into consideration. You end up under your sled […]

What Is A Clicker Shock?

Clicker Shock

One of the best ways to improve the comfortability on your snowmobile while riding is to upgrade your shocks. It is one of those upgrades where you do not actually fully understand just how much of a difference it makes until you do it. Having a good set of shocks on your snowmobile is life […]

What Is A Beacon?


Avalanches are the number one killer every winter in the mountains. Being properly equipped could save your life or the lives of your friends. One essential piece of gear is the avalanche beacon. Referred to as a transceiver by the hardcore snowmobilers out there this is the piece of equipment that has enormous benefits to […]

Klim Aspect 16 Avalanche Backpack Review

Klim Aspect 16

When it comes to must-have snowmobile gear for mountain riding, owning an avalanche backpack is at the top of the list. Outside of owning one of the safest snowmobile helmets you can afford, avalanche safety gear like a backpack and an avalanche transceiver is of the utmost importance. Bottom line is, you’ll be thrilled you […]

Highmark Ridge 3.0 Avalanche Backpack Review

Highmark Ridge 3.0

Avalanche backpacks are one of those pieces of gear you need to have complete confidence in. It is an item that absolutely needs to work when it is needed. If it does not, there is no point in even wearing it in the first place. That is why we come to you today to talk […]

Heated Snowmobile Helmets: Worth The Hype?

Heated Snowmobile Helmet

Is a heated snowmobile helmet too luxurious or is it actually practical? We have all had times out riding where we get a little cold and wish we had something else in our gear setup to make the time out riding more enjoyable. Could a heated snowmobile helmet be that piece of gear that keeps […]

Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves

Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves

Cold hands are a thing of the past now with the numerous options of heated snowmobile gloves available on the current market. It never fails, you head out for a day on the snow and end up with cold hands. Whether your handlebar warmers are not working, your gloves got wet or you just do […]

Klim F5 Snowmobile Helmet Review

Klim F5 Snowmobile Helmet Review

If there is one piece of equipment that cannot be gone without when snowmobiling it has to be the helmet. As you are likely already aware snowmobiling can be a very dangerous sport. Wearing a helmet is an absolute must. We understand buying a quality helmet can be expensive, but it could be the difference […]

BCA Float 15 Turbo Avalanche Backpack 2.0 Review

Avalanche Airbag

If you are into backcountry snowmobiling and do not have an avalanche backpack this is your sign. Stop everything you are doing and buy one right now! Heading into avalanche territory without the proper safety gear is a death wish. We have lost too many friends and fellow riders to mother nature. Get the gear […]

Best Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

Got grip? Having full control of your snowmobile while riding is extremely important and makes riding much more enjoyable. Finding the right snowmobile handlebar grips could make a big difference when it comes to the feel of your handlebars and the amount of control you have over your snowmobile. Changing your snowmobile handlebar grips usually […]