Burandt Adventure Tunnel Bag

Burandt Tunnel Bag Review

Optimizing storage space on your snowmobile is a must with all the gear we carry nowadays. Tunnel Bags are a great option for additional storage. They provide tons of space for things such as your shovel, extra gear, and snacks. Utilizing the space the tunnel provides with a tunnel bag is one of the best […]

Tobe Novo V3 Monosuit Review 2021

When snowmobiling it is important to stay warm and dry. Being wet and cold makes the snowmobiling experience so much less enjoyable and can also put you in severe risk. Investing in quality gear, such as a monosuit, could potentially save your life. That alone is enough of a reason to spend the money on […]

Force Turbos P800 Exhaust

Typically one of the first things changed on a sled is the exhaust. This can be attributed to several reasons. The first being everyone wants their sled to sound good. Secondly, they realize the amount of weight they can cut off a sled by installing an aftermarket can. Finally the required physical labor and cost […]

Deviant Ink Sled Wrap Review

Look good, feel good, ride good. Whether you are willing to admit it or not we all have considered a sled wrap. Making your sled unique to you makes riding it that much more enjoyable. Let’s be honest, it’s fun to turn heads on the mountain. Sled wraps can be a conversation piece just like […]

GGB Exhaust Review

Based out of Canada GGB Exhaust understands snowmobiling and has made it their mission to enhance the sport. They do this by providing quality products with reliable performance and outstanding customer service. This article will review the GGB Mountain Can and the GGB Trail Can as tested on a 2016 Polaris Pro RMK. GGB Exhaust […]

Slydog Skis Review

If you’re a wheelie hero like us your snowmobile skis likely spend most of their time in the air. Regardless you still need them. Here at Sledheadzzz we choose to use Slydog Skis. Below we go into depth on the 8″ Powder Hound and what we like and don’t like about them. 8″ Powder Hound […]