Best Klim Snowmobile Gloves

When it comes to snowmobiling-specific gloves, some of the best options available are Klim snowmobile gloves. Keeping your hands warm is not always as easy as it may sound. It is no wonder why Klim has several different styles including gloves with heating elements in them to help cover all weather conditions from mildly cold to extremely cold. Throughout this article we list the top 5 gloves made by Klim and what makes them the best. 

With an exhausting number of options when it comes to snowmobiling gloves, making the “right” decision is difficult. Our goal for this article is to help you narrow down your options and choose a snowmobile glove that fits your needs. Not every glove we talk about will be the right glove for you, so make sure you explore each one, but start by identifying your needs as a rider. Lets get into this. 

Best Klim Snowmobile Gloves 

#1 Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove 

Establishing itself amongst the very top of our list is the Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove. If you are looking for a glove that is sure to keep your hands warm on those long, windy and extremely cold trail rides? Here you have it. This snowmobile glove is perfect for you. This insulated glove offers endless warmth. 

Klim knew exactly what they were doing when they made this glove. It’s 3-level heating system is one of the most intuitive systems on the market. Powered by lithium-ion batteries these gloves can provide heat for up to 8 hours. When high heat is activated the gloves will automatically switch to medium heat to help preserve battery life. Another benefit to this feature is the fact that it will help keep your hands from overheating. Yes, this sounds silly, but the odds are high that you have experienced your hands too warm before and when that happens they sweat. Sweaty hands while snowmobiling almost always results in cold heats and that would just defeat the entire purpose of wearing a heated snowmobile glove. 

The heating elements cover the back of hand and wrap the fingers providing full hand heat when used with heated snowmobile grips. As already mentioned the battery can last up to 8 hours. This is on the lowest heat mode. On medium heat the battery life is 3 hours and on high heat the battery life is 1.5 hours. Due to the amount of energy the high heat level consumes, Klim implemented the automatic changing of levels as we mentioned above. 

Operating the 3-level heating system is very simple. By using the button on the cuff you can easily turn the heat on and change the settings. These snowmobile gloves use a red-blue-green hating code. The green light indicates low heat. The blue light indicates medium heat and the red light indicates the gloves are in high heat mode. It is that easy. The learning curve for these gloves is very short. You will have them figured out in no time. 

Klim Resistor Heated Guantlet Gloves

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Our biggest complaint about the Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove is the lack of style and color. They are offered in one color and that is black. We realize gloves are more for function than style, but with all the color options available for the other various items when it comes to snowmobile gear you would think the gloves could have some color as well. This is obviously a very minor complaint, but something we thought was worth mentioning. 

These gloves are built to last. A full leather palm and fingers paired with integrated knuckle protection makes these snowmobile gloves durable to say the least. 200 grams of insulation makes up the back of the hand and 100 grams of insulation is added to the palm side. A soft fleece liner on the backhand adds even more warmth to these gloves keeping you hands warm even when the heat is not powered on. The shock cord adjustment and velcro wrist closure help ensure this glove will not be leaving your hand and also will not be letting any snow, ice, sleet, etc. into your glove. A google squeegee, moisture wicking liner and entry assist loop add even more reasons to fall in love with this snowmobile glove. 

We all know snowmobile gloves are not cheap, especially ones made of high quality like the products produced by Klim. We are thrilled to tell you these gloves retail at $249.99 USD. We understand this is not just a drop in the bucket for most, but for what you get with these snowmobile gloves, we believe it to be a relatively good bang for your buck. If the price is a turnoff for you there are some other cheaper options. Check out our article on The Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves for more. 

#2 Klim Elite Snowmobile Glove 

Looking for warmth, but do not want a heated glove like the Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet? You may like the Klim Elite Snowmobile Glove. This has been our personal snowmobile glove of choice for the last 4 seasons. We have enjoyed wearing this glove so much we plan on continuing wearing them for the next season as well. 

Klim Elite Snowmoblie Gloves

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The Elite Snowmobile Glove offered by Klim is a full leather gauntlet style glove. 160 grams of insulation on the back of the hand paired with a heavy fleece lining is sure to keep you hands warm. A thinner fleece lining on the palm side provides comfort and additional warmth without sacrificing grip and handlebar feel.  These snowmobile gloves are seriously comfortable. Their “broke-in” and true to size fit should give you peace of mind when purchasing these gloves. You will not be disappointed. 

Not only are the Elite Snowmobile Gloves weather proof, they also provide superior protection with their added knuckle padding and performance cushioning on the back of the fingers. A built-in goggle squeegee on the index finger comes in handy when needing to scrape snow and ice off your goggles without taking your gloves off. 

Like the other gloves offered by Klim, the Elite Snowmobile Gloves lack color options. All black is the only option besides the non-current black and brown color scheme which may be harder to get as they no longer produce these. Like we said earlier, function is more important than style when it comes to snowmobile gloves. Our complaint about color options is pretty minor. 

The current all black model retails at $249.99 USD as compared to the non-current brown and black model which retails at $143.99 USD. You can save over $100 USD by buying the previous color scheme. Good luck getting these anytime soon off the Klim website though. The Elite Snowmobile Gloves are out of stock no matter what color scheme you are after. 

#3 Klim Inversion Pro Snowmobile Glove

Taking spot number 3 is the Klim Inversion Pro Snowmobile Glove. This glove was built to protect and withstand abuse. The impact foam on the top of the hand, knuckles and fingers is designed to protect your hands from tree branches, roosts from the rider in front of you and much more. Durability is increased with the addition of a goat leather palm, finger, and knuckle overlays. 

The Inversion Pro Snowmobile Glove is an under the cuff glove with a sleek and classy design. We hope you like the color black as that is the only color option once again for this snowmobile glove. You may have noticed by now that this is a common trend with the Klim products. They put a higher focus on their products’ quality and function rather than their appearance and style. That is not to say their products do not look good, because they definitely do.

Klim Inversion Pro Snowmobile Gloves

Grip, durability, comfort... The Klim Inversion Pro Snowmobile Glove is the perfect option for those warm days and for those who want maximum feel of their handlebars.

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Many riders speak highly of the Inversion Pro Snowmobile Gloves ability to stop the wind chill helping keep their hands warm. Their 100 percent windproof shell is to thank for this.  We would recommend these snowmobile gloves for the milder days as they are not insulated as well as other gloves meant to keep your hands warm in the extreme cold. 

Retailing at $89.99 USD these snowmobile gloves are a much cheaper option than previously mentioned gloves offered by Klim, but then again are a much different style of glove than the others. Being these are so affordable compared to the others, some riders will pack multiple pairs of these gloves with them every time they head up the mountain. We do believe the Inversion Pro Snowmobile Gloves are a good buy. 

#4 Klim Togwotee Snowmobile Glove 

Next we have the Togwotee Snowmobile Glove. If the name of this glove does not make you excited then we are not sure what will. This is a leather palm snowmobile glove that offers a high level of breathability and waterproofness. A removable fleece liner adds comfortability and warmth without the bulk, ensuring you still have good grip and control over your snowmobile and its handlebars. The Togwotee Snowmobile Glove is designed to be fully compatible with the Klim Glove Liners. 

Klim Togwotee Snowmobile Glove

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A full leather palm and fingers with a section of silicone grip makes this glove durable and also gives you maximum grip. The Silicone injected knuckle padding allows your knuckles to take a beating and be ready to do it all again tomorrow. These gloves were made for the rides who like veering off the trail and blazing their own path. Durability is their middle name. 

Perhaps one of Klim’s most stylish snowmobile gloves, the Togwotee glove is offered in 3 different color options. These color options include High Risk Red with Asphalt, Black with Asphalt and, you guessed it, black. Our personal favorite is the High Risk Red and asphalt color scheme. They just look good! 

Like what you see? These snowmobile gloves will cost you $139.99 USD. We do not think this is a bad price for what you get. Snowmobile gloves are something we think you should splurge on, if you will, as they are a very important part of your gear set up. The difference between high quality gloves and not so high quality gloves is the difference between a good day of riding and a terrible day of riding. When it comes to snowmobile gloves you pretty much get what you pay for. 

#5 Klim Klimate Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove 

Last but not least we have one of Klim’s most popular snowmobile gloves, the Klimate Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove. This glove is pretty much your baseline insulated glove. It gets the job done. One of its major attractive features is its price. Retailing at $89.99 USD for adult sizes and $49.99 for youth sizes this is a glove the whole family can wear and afford. 

Klim Klimate Gauntlet Snowmobile Gloves

The Klim Klimate Gauntlet is an affordable option chosen by many! Get yours today!

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Like we just mentioned this snowmobile glove is more or less a standard insulated snowmobile glove. Its soft shell is made of waterproof insulation and its palm is made of rubber designed to increase your grip. Another feature that makes it stand out a tad more than others of its kind is the built in goggle squeegee on the index fingers. 

Riders seem to like the simplicity of this snowmobile glove as it is lightweight, comfortable and is all about function. Klim also offers this glove in 3 different color options which are Strike Orange, Hi-Vis and Black. This is not as exciting as it sounds as no matter what color scheme you choose the gloves are mostly black anyways. When all is said and done this snowmobile glove is still a great option if you are new to Klim’s products and want to get a taste of what they have to offer without breaking the bank. 

What Makes Klim Snowmobile Gloves Better Than Others?

As we have said throughout this article, Klim puts a high importance on the functionality of their gloves. Although lacking style at times with certain gloves, you can bet any glove you get from Klim is going to be made of high quality and work the way they say it will. One downfall when buying a Klim product is the price. They tend to be a bit higher in price than their competitors, but with that said they also know that you get what you pay for. When you buy Klim Snowmobile Gloves you get your money’s worth. 

We hope this article helped you get an idea of what snowmobile gloves may be best for you, or on the other hand, helped get an idea of what you do not want. Let us know what Klim snowmobile gloves you like the most and why in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to shoot us a message on any social platform @sledheadzzz. We look forward to shredding some deep powder with you this season. Braap on! 

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Best Klim Snowmobile Gloves