Best Snowmobile Exhausts

Whether you listen to AC/DC, Miley Cyrus or the Frozen Soundtrack, if you are a Sledder there is nothing you enjoy more than the sound of your snowmobile. Well, I take that back, if you are like me you may enjoy the smell of it a tad more. Nothing beats the smell of two-stroke exhaust. Instead of beating around the bush let’s talk about the best snowmobile exhausts.

Snowmobile exhausts are built heavier than necessary by manufacturers, hence the reason they’re one of the most common sled mods made by those who own a snowmobile. Whether you’ve grown up referring to an exhaust system as a can, a snowmobile muffler, an aftermarket exhaust, a braap braap 4000, they’re the same thing. A snowmobile exhaust is an excellent way to reduce the weight of your sled.

Best Snowmobile Exhausts 2021 

If you have done any research at all, you are aware there are many options when it comes to snowmobile exhausts. From sound to finish to weight, there are many different variables to consider when selecting the right exhaust for your snowmobile. From what we have seen most riders make their decisions based off of two factors. The first being how it sounds and the second being price. The remainder of this article will talk about what we think are the best snowmobile exhausts. 

Snowmobile Exhaust Brands

Like any aftermarket part, there are quite a few snowmobile exhaust manufacturers building aftermarket snowmobile exhausts. If you’re modifying your snowmobile, a new exhaust system is one of the easiest ways to upgrade its performance (and as a bonus, the sound of your snowmobile). Additionally, one of the fastest ways to reduce weight on your snowmobile is to upgrade to an aftermarket snowmobile exhaust.

These are some of the most reputable snowmobile exhaust brands on the market:

  • GGB Exhaust
  • Force Turbos
  • Jaws Performance
  • MBRP
  • SLP Performance
  • Bikeman Performance

Top 5 Snowmobile Exhausts 

1) GGB Exhaust 

Taking spot number one has to be the GGB Exhaust. We have been using this brand on our sleds since the beginning of Sledheadzzz. From quiet to loud, GGB covers all the bases. Being one of the most affordable options in the snowmobile exhausts market makes this option one of the most popular. Backed by incredible customer service and confidence in their product, GGB Exhaust is known for happy, loyal customers. For more, we wrote a full GBB Mountain Can Review elsewhere on Sledheadzzz.

GGB Mountain Can vs Trail Can vs Quiet Can

It’s easier to compare their exhausts for the same snowmobile, based on Snowmobile Manufacturer than it is to compare Mountain Can, Trail Can and Quiet Can straight up. For Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, and other manufacturers, GGB makes each type of exhaust. The Mountain Can is the loudest, with the Trail Can being the 2nd loudest and the Quiet Can being closest to stock and ultimately the quietest of the three.

GGB 850 vs GGB 600 Polaris Exhaust

The difference between the GGB 850 and the GGB 600 isn’t dramatic, these two exhaust systems are ultimately very similar. There is a slight difference

These can cut weight from stock dramatically and also increase the performance of your snowmobile. We love the way they sound and would highly recommend this option if you are looking to give your snowmobile a voice of its own. See below a video review of the GGB Mountain Can and Trail Can as compared to the stock can on our 2016 Polaris Pro RMK. 

Select Your GBB Exhaust by Snowmobile Manufacturer and Model

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2) Force Turbos Exhaust 

Spot number two goes to Force Turbos for best snowmobile exhausts. As a new entrant to the market, Force Turbos originated as a snowmobile turbo manufacturer. They continue to excel in the turbo market, but have recently added snowmobile exhausts along with some other performance parts to their product portfolio. We just recently tested the Force Turbos P800 Exhaust on our 2016 Polaris Pro RMK. It sounded great! See below our video review to see how it sounds for yourself. Options are limited here as they currently only have one exhaust available for the top three snowmobile manufacturers. The biggest difference between Force Turbos Exhaust and GGB Exhaust is the finish of the product. GGB goes with a black painted finish while Force Turbos uses a 304 stainless steel that gives their exhaust cans a shiny, mirror-like finish. Along with this comes a bit of a price difference. Force Turbos will cost you a little bit more. To get your Force Turbo Exhaust, including free shipping, click here

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3) Jaws Performance

Maybe one of the more underrated snowmobile exhausts on the market. A few of you are going to disagree with this and others will agree with us on this one. We really like how Jaws Performance does everything from product design to assembly to dyno testing in house. This process has allowed them to have extremely high confidence in their product quality and reliability. The majority of their customers are either trail riders or racers. If you are a racer looking for a custom race pipe we would suggest checking them out. The riders we have talked to that run Jaws Performance Exhaust swear by it. Whether you prefer a painted finish or a ceramic chrome finish, they offer both. Price wise these snowmobile exhausts vary depending if you want race, rowdy, or trail, but are comparable to Force Turbos in Price.

Select Your Jaws Performance Exhaust by Snowmobile Manufacturer and Model

4) MBRP Exhaust 

Just down the road from GGB Exhaust, MBRP Exhaust takes spot number 4. Fun Fact: as many of you may already know, the owners of GGB and MBRP are brothers. The most noticeable factor that sets these two companies apart is the visual appearance of their products, or the product’s finish. As discussed earlier, GGB Exhaust has chosen to use the high heat black painted finish. MBRP on the other hand has set themselves apart by making their products out of 304 Stainless Steel (Note: this is also used by Force Turbos). MBRP prides themselves on a long lasting, durable product. Like the others their exhaust will cut weight off your snowmobile, give you increased performance, and make your snowmobile sound much different than it sounds with the stock exhaust. Snowmobile exhausts are just a segment of MBRP’s products. They offer exhausts for all types of off-road vehicles as well as other motorsports. They seem to have broadened themselves more than the others, although the others have also created products outside of snowmobiles. Like Jaws Performance and Force Turbos, MBRP’s exhausts are going to cost you around $300, but this will vary depending on what can you choose.

Select Your MBRP Exhaust by Snowmobile Manufacturer and Model


5) SLP Exhaust 

Our final pick for the best snowmobile exhausts is Straightline Performance, aka SLP. As a Minnesota based company, it was a must add. SLP is much, much more than just exhaust cans. They have nearly everything you could need for your snowmobile. With that said they don’t go “as hard” as the other manufacturers. Don’t mistake their quality and performance as less than the other though. They offer a high quality, ceramic coated exhaust that runs around the same price range as the others. If you are looking for a complete exhaust system (y-pipe, single pipe, can, and all hardware), this is definitely the place to go. They really do have it all. Their snowmobile exhausts offer riders a deeper tone while not making your ears bleed when you squeeze the throttle. Some exhausts such as the GGB Mountain Cans and MBRP Race Cans can get pretty loud. Some riders prefer that and others do not. SLP is a safe option if you are looking for something that sounds good, cuts weight off your snowmobile, increases performance, and wanting a sound you will not get sick of.

Select Your SLP Exhaust Exhaust by Snowmobile Manufacturer and Model

Choosing The Best Aftermarket Snowmobile Exhaust System

We hope after reading this article you have a better idea of what snowmobile exhaust is best for you. We strongly recommend exploring your options, comparing exhausts based on your criteria, and ordering one! This is one of the easiest changes you can make to your sled and not spend a crazy amount of money. Anyone of the listed exhausts will be sure to please. They all offer a great sound and will make your experience on your snowmobile even more enjoyable. Once you have picked out your exhaust, send us a message! We would love to hear what you chose, literally! 

Aftermarket Snowmobile Exhaust FAQs

Does a can add horsepower to a Snowmobile?

While most manufacturer exhaust brands will not explicitly advertise that a can adds horsepower to a snowmobile, many believe that it can. Many people consider adding an aftermarket exhaust for the horsepower increase, but the bigger benefit is actually found in decreased weight. Stock exhaust systems on snowmobiles are unnecessarily heavy and aftermarket exhaust systems can save up to 15 lbs in reduced weight in some cases.

What are cans for on snowmobiles?

When snowmobile enthusiasts refer to a “Snowmobile Can”, they’re referring to the part of the exhaust system that makes the distinct snowmobile engine noise while operating.

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