Force Turbos P800 Exhaust

Typically one of the first things changed on a sled is the exhaust. This can be attributed to several reasons. The first being everyone wants their sled to sound good. Secondly, they realize the amount of weight they can cut off a sled by installing an aftermarket can. Finally the required physical labor and cost is very small compared to many other sled modifications. If your one of those people thinking about putting a can on your sled, this article is one for you as we do a full review, including video with sound, of the Force Turbos P800 Exhaust.

Polaris 800 Snowmobile Exhaust Review

As a new entrant to the market, Force Turbos originated as a snowmobile turbo manufacturer. They continue to excel in the turbo market, but have recently added snowmobile exhausts along with some other performance parts to their product portfolio.

We just recently tested the Force Turbos P800 Can on our 2016 Polaris Pro RMK. It sounded great! See below our video review to see how it sounds for yourself. Options are limited here as they currently only have one exhaust available for the top three snowmobile manufacturers. The biggest difference between Force Turbos and GGB is the finish of the product. GGB goes with a black painted finish while Force Turbos uses a 304 stainless steel that gives their product a shiny, mirror-like finish. Along with this comes a bit of a price difference. Force Turbos will cost you a little bit more. To get your Force Turbo Exhaust, including free shipping, click here

As you may have already discovered, the P800 Exhaust is built for the Polaris 800 Axys chassis. At the bottom of this article you will find a video review of the can and how it sounds. If you want to hear more of our opinion on the can, stick around as we will further review the can throughout this brief article.

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Our Initial Thoughts 

From the moment we took the can out of the box we were impressed. We are a huge fan of its shiny finish the 304 stainless steel offers and the tig welds are a work of art. This product was obviously built to withstand corrosion and provide top of the line performance. Overall we really like the finish of the product and the way it looks on the sled. 

Fitment and Exhaust Installation

Installation is very simple as it is a direct slip-on replacement for the stock can. This means the can fits exactly where the stock can sits and uses the same spring locations as stock. Installation takes less than 10 minutes. With this said it comes as no surprise to find out that the P800 can fits very nicely. 

Sound Quality of Exhaust  

The moment you have all been waiting for. The highest of all your concerns, the sound. This can sounds amazing. From idle to pinned throttle this can has a sound of its own. We really enjoy the low growl at idle. This can didn’t make our ears bleed when we got on the throttle. It maintained a nice solid sound at all times. A sound we wouldn’t mind hearing all day long while riding the fresh powder. Not only that, but a sound the neighbors and our riding buddies won’t get annoyed with. Have a listen for yourself! *Warning: hearing may lead to a strong desire to purchase.*

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Force Turbo P800 Exhaust
A look at the P800 Exhaust installed