Best Snowmobile Gloves

Choosing the right snowmobile gloves can be difficult. There are so many options! From numerous colors and styles to a variety of different functions and purposes. The snowmobile gloves mentioned in this article are all unique in their own ways and all of them have their own, sometimes unnoticeable, perks. Here at Sledheadzzz we like to carry a few different gloves with us on all of our rides. Mother nature does what mother nature wants. Changing weather conditions are our main reason for having multiple snowmobile gloves with us. Throughout the remainder of this article we talk about eleven of our favorite snowmobiling gloves, the features of each and when we would prefer each glove over the others. Without further adieu, let’s get into it! 

These Are The Best Snowmobile Gloves On The Market

#1 Klim Elite Snowmobile Gloves

Our first pick is the Klim Elite Snowmobile Gloves. This was a no brainer for us! We have been rocking these gloves for the last 4 years and they still prove to be our favorite glove on the cold days. Their weatherproof technology keeps your hands dry all day long. When it comes to comfort their name says it all, elite. The comfort of these snowmobiling gloves has been outstanding. They are designed with a “broke-in” fit for riders who like having superior grip and control without sacrificing the warmth. The cuffs of these gloves fit very nicely over any jacket and cinch down to assure no snow, ice or rain gets past them. Do not worry about these gloves being bulky as this is not a thing with these. They truly accomplish a nimble feel while keeping your hands warm.

Our biggest dislike about these snowmobile gloves is the lack of color options. You are limited to either black/yellow or just black. This is a pretty minor issue as not all snowmobiliers are too worried about what their gloves look like, but it is always nice to be able to make your gear match and have it be the way you like it. Another issue we have with these gloves is that they can be a tad too warm on the warmer days. With that said, it is rather unusual for us to experience a time when these gloves make our hands too warm. One cool feature these gloves have, along with all of their  other advanced technology implemented into the design, is the built in goggle squeegee located on the left index finger. 

Let’s talk about price. You may get sticker shock when you hear they are going to cost you $250 USD, but let us remind you that you get what you pay for. While not the cheapest glove on the market, they are definitely one of the higher end options that are sure to please. If you are looking for a snowmobile glove that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable, we would highly recommend the Klim Elite Gloves for the cold days of riding.

#2 509 Backcountry Ignite Snowmobile Gloves

For our second pick we went with the all new 509 Backcountry Ignite Snowmobile Gloves. If you are any bit familiar with 509’s products you are probably already realizing that these are in fact heated gloves. Similar to the previous gloves talked about, these gloves also have only two color options to choose from, black/teal and just black. Again, not a huge issue, just something a little less customizable than other snowmobiling gear. 

These gloves are powered with a 7.4 volt lithium ion battery. When fully charged you can expect up to 5 hours of heat on the lowest setting and 2.2 hours on the highest setting. The carbon hesitating elements are located on the back of your hands and thumbs. Powering on and off these gloves is as simple as pressing a button. Featuring three different heat settings these snowmobile gloves are ready to match any weather condition mother nature throws at them. Besides a super warm end of season ride of course, we would recommend a much thinner glove for the days you can rip around in just a t-shirt. 

The biggest downfall to a heated snowmobile glove option like this is the fact that it does no good if it is not charged. Now don’t get us wrong, these gloves are insulated and will keep you warm even when not turned on, but what is the point of having the option if you can’t use it. With all this said, it is on you to make sure you don’t forget to plug in your gloves the night before your ride so they are ready. Just one more step to remember while trying to remember everything else you need for a day of riding. A very minor issue for most we must add. 

Even with the goat leather palm, these snowmobile gloves will only cost you $219 USD. We find this to be a more than reasonable price as it is much cheaper than some non-heated options like the Klim Elite Snowmobile Glove previously mentioned. If you are looking for a glove that is guaranteed to keep your hands warm, this may be the option for you! 

#3 FXR Heated Recon Snowmobile glove 

Taking spot number three is the FXR Heated Recon Snowmobile Glove. We decided to put this glove beneath the 509 Backcountry Ignite for one reason and one reason only and that is it’s price. Coming in at $265 USD this snowmobile glove is a tad more spendy than the others, but upon further investigation we start to realize just why this may be. 

Like other heated snowmobile glove models, this glove also operates using a switch and has three different heat settings. This glove comes with two 7.4 lithium ion rechargeable batteries and also has an additional 100 grams of insulation on both the back of hand and palm areas as compared to the 509 Backcountry Ignite Snowmobile Gloves. The heating elements within this glove track around each finger and the backside of the hand providing a larger surface area of heat dispersed as well. A fully charged battery will provide heat up to 5 hours depending on the power setting and conditions. 

FXR is trusted by many, especially in the snocross sector. If you attend any of the ISOC Snocross races in North America you will see riders from nearly every team wearing the FXR brand. You will also notice that most of their races are in extremely cold climates and because of this they are wearing heated equipment made by FXR while they are waiting to race. The heated Recon Snowmobile Gloves are made for the cold. These are a safe bet if you are wanting something that is going to keep your hands warm. We trust the FXR brand as well as their quality of work and would highly suggest purchasing any of their products! 

#4 TOBE Capto Gauntlet V3 Snowmobile Gloves 

Maybe less familiar to the snowmobiling community is the Tobe Capto Gauntlet V3 Snowmobile Gloves. Tobe has put a lot of time and energy into becoming known for their high quality, clean looking monosuits. Now they introduce to us snowmobile gloves manufactured and designed of the same high quality at an affordable price. 

The Tobe Gauntlet V3 glove reeks of class at a great price. Costing only $129 USD this glove is one we would consider to be worth a try. With the price being what it is you are very limited on color options, in fact the only option is jet black. You will not be concerned about this though once you put it on and experience the 100% wind and waterproof design made of high quality leather. This glove is an over the cuff design to help keep all snow, sleet and ice from getting near your hands. A Simple pull cord design is used to tighten and loosen the cuffs around your jacket.

The simple design, similar to that of a work glove, makes these gloves extremely durable. Minimal seams throughout the glove help contribute to this. If durability is a concern for you, maybe knowing Tobe offers a 1 year warranty will put your mind at ease. We know many riders that choose to rep the Tobe brand and based on what they have told us, we would not hesitate to give the Tobe Capto Gauntlet  V3 Snowmobile Gloves a try for ourselves. 

#5 Fly Racing Ignitor Pro Heated Snowmobile Gloves 

Occupying the fifth spot on our list is the Fly Racing Ignitor Pro Heated Snowmobile Gloves. For those looking for a quality heated glove, but not wanting to spend a ton these might be the play. Coming in at $199 USD these heated snowmobile gloves are the most cost effective option on our list compared to the other heated glove options. If you are interested in these gloves you must like the color black, because that is the only color they come in. 

Contributing to the lower price of these gloves is the lack of insulation they provide as compared to the other heated gloves. Roughly 220 grams less than the higher end heated snowmobile gloves. With that said they do have 3 heat settings and come with 2 batteries (one for each glove). They are also operated by using a button on the cuff, like the other heated glove options, to increase or decrease the amount of heat given off. These gloves feature a full leather palm and fingers, integrated hard knuckle armor, waterproof, windproof, breathable design and are also touch screen compatible. 

There is definitely a lot to love about these snowmobile gloves, especially the price. If you are looking for a cheaper way to get into heated snowmobile gloves these may be your best option. If you are not concerned about the cost as much as comfort or style we may suggest checking out some of the other heated snowmobile glove options included in this article. 

#6 509 Factor Pro Snowmobile Glove 

Looking for an uninsulated snowmobile glove? The all new 509 Factor Pro Snowmobile Glove may be the match. This goat leather palmed glove provides maximum grip and durability for riders who like having full control over their handlebars. The softshell material making up the back of the hand and tops of the fingers is stretchy to improve comfortability and flexibility for your fingers as you hold er’ wide open. 

509 always keeps style in mind. They know the better you look, the better you ride. That’s why they offer this glove in four different color schemes. Making this snowmobile glove not only feel good, but also look good. Not only did they manage to make them look good, they also made them extremely affordable. You can pick up a pair of these for $59.95 USD. Not bad at all for such a high quality product. 

Now keep in mind, these are uninsulated gloves. Their main purpose is to keep your skin from being exposed from the elements which is why they are waterproof and windproof. These are not the gloves to buy if you are looking for something to keep your hands warm. That’s not to say that they wont keep your hands warmer than if you were not wearing gloves at all, cause they will, but they are not the snowmobile gloves to be using if you plan on riding on the cold days. 

We use 509’s products diligently and would highly recommend them to everyone interested in snowmobiling. We have found that sometimes even on the medium cold days it is nice to have the uninsulated snowmobile gloves as our snowmobile’s hand warmers are strong enough to keep our hands warm while we ride. As we mentioned before, we typically carry more than one glove option with us and now you understand why. 

#7 Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove 

This list of Best Snowmobile Gloves would simply not be complete without the Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Glove. The Gauntlet being one of Klim’s most popular gloves made their decision to add heat a no brainer. This glove is highly desired by many riders who won’t accept their hands having any chance of being cold while out on the snow. 

These gloves are the Cadillac of heated snowmobile gloves, but they come with a price. A price of $250 USD to be exact. They are also only offered in one color which, as you can guess, is black. For these reasons is why these gloves landed as our 7th pick on this list, but they arguably could and maybe should be a little higher on the list. Let us explain just all there is to love about these snowmobile gloves. 

Unlike the other heated snowmobile gloves, the Klim Resistor Heated Gauntlet Snowmobile Gloves not only have 3 heat settings, they also have a high heat timer. Yes, you read that right. When put on high heat these gloves will heat on high for ten minutes then automatically switch to medium heat to preserve the heat that was produced, but also save battery life. You can expect a fully charged battery to last up to 8 hours on low heat, 3 hours on medium heat and unfortunately only 1.5 hours on high heat. Most days you won’t even need to use high heat so don’t spend too much time worrying about the short battery life on high heat. 

#8 Fly Racing Windproof Lite Snowmobile Glove 

It would not be right for us to only include one uninsulated snowmobile glove option. That is why we chose the Fly Racing Windproof Lite Snowmobile Glove. This glove is everything you would expect it to be. Light weight, stylish and easy on the budget. 

We spent the 2018-2019 ISOC Snocross season traveling the United States with a Ski Doo Factory Team known as Warnert Racing. During that time Tim Tremblay was one of their pro riders. Tim always wore Fly Racing snowmobile gloves and swore by them. Their durability and grip was everything he needed to hang on to his sled as he never let off the throttle around the track. 

These snowmobile gloves are the go to option for many riders who come from a motocross background as they are very similar in style to the motocross gloves. They come in three different color schemes and cost $29.95 USD. At that price you will want to buy a few pairs, because why not? 

Like the other uninsulated snowmobile gloves previously mentioned, this is not a glove you choose when you will be riding for long periods of time in cold weather. The ideal time to use this glove is when the weather is warmer than normal or if you are participating in cooler weather high intensity action sports such as snocross or freestyle events. Throw a pair of these snowmobile gloves on and you may just end up on top of the podium at the next winter olympics. 

#9 Ski Doo X-Team Leather Snowmobile Gloves 

Ski doo has more to offer than just snowmobiles. They also make some awesome snowmobile gloves. The X-Team Leather glove is one you won’t be disappointed with. This all leather glove comes in two different color schemes, black and red and just plain black. Like most other gloves in this list, this snowmobile glove is also waterproof as well as windproof and breathable. The inside lining consists of a moisture wicking and antimicrobial wool blend. These gloves are put together nicely keeping rider comfortability a priority. 

Costing $120 USD these snowmobile gloves are surprisingly one of the cheaper insulated glove options on our list. Typically you would expect to pay a premium for something BRP sells. In this case we actually feel they are fairly priced. Especially for how well insulated they are with 200 grams of insulation on the back of hand and 133 grams on the palm side. This is relatively comparable to the previous gloves mentioned. 

It is very hard to not expect something of high quality from BRP. We have no doubts that these gloves are made of the same quality BRP puts into their machines. Choosing these snowmobile gloves would be a good choice. If you are looking for a glove that is going to keep your hands warm and you are not concerned about how stylish they are these may be the right option for you. 

#10 TOBE Capto Undercuff V3 Snowmobile Gloves

The final glove we chose for this list is the Tobe Capto Undercuff V3 Snowmobile Glove. This under-cuff glove brought to us by Tobe is similar to their Capto Gauntlet V3 glove previously discussed. The biggest difference between the two is that the Gauntlet is an over the cuff glove as compared to this one which is an under-cuff snowmobile glove. This means it goes under the sleeves of your jacket, not over the jacket. 

This glove comes in three color schemes which are red/black, yellow/black and all black. We cannot lie, these snowmobile gloves look good! They are sleek and classy while maintaining exceptional function and quality. They are less insulated than most of the other insulated options on this list, but with that they are also a slimmer fitting glove to avoid any chance of bulkiness. Making these snowmobile gloves excellent for active riding styles. 

Coming in at $109.95 USD you won’t have to tap into your life savings to be repping these this winter. We find this to be an exceptional value hence the reason they cracked the top ten best snowmobile gloves. If you are wanting a glove that is somewhat a hybrid between an insulated and uninsulated glove, this is the one for you. 

When to choose between an insulated snowmobile glove and an uninsulated snowmobile  glove? 

Choosing the right glove can be difficult, but choosing whether to wear an uninsulated snowmobile glove versus an insulated snowmobile glove really is not that difficult. First, figure out what the weather conditions are. Is it going to be warmer than normal? Maybe the insulated glove is your best option. There is nothing worse than sweaty, wet hands. On the other hand, no pun intended, if it is going to be a cold day the insulated glove is going to be the right choice. Second thing to keep in mind is how long you plan on riding for. If you are just going for a short ride you might be able to get by with an insulated glove, but if you plan on a full day of riding this may not be the right choice. Lastly, consider what type of riding you will be doing. Are you going to hit some jumps and throw down some tricks? Go ahead, select the uninsulated option for maximum grip and control. If you are planning on hitting the trails instead, the insulated snowmobile glove may be a better option due to the fact your hands will be experiencing large amounts of cold wind for periods of time. 

As you can see, choosing between an insulated or uninsulated snowmobile glove is really not all that difficult and ultimately comes down to your preferences. As mentioned throughout this article, we like to always have an insulated and uninsulated option with us on all of our rides. This way we cannot go wrong and have the freedom to switch it up mid ride if we so desire. 


With an overwhelming number of options on the market we hope your snowmobile glove making decision has been made a little easier and that you find the right gloves for you. All of the gloves listed above are great options. Click on the links for each snowmobile glove to view more specific details. This article’s purpose was to briefly highlight each glove’s features rather than give a full synopsis on each one. 

We highly recommend carrying different styles of gloves with you during your rides for changing conditions. Plus, it is always nice to have a dry pair along. You never know when your buddy is going to attempt to sink his sled in a creek and then be asking you for some dry gloves. On a more serious note, feel free to message us with any and all questions on any of our socials @sledheadzzz or comment below. Braap on fellow sledders! 

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