Best Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

Got grip? Having full control of your snowmobile while riding is extremely important and makes riding much more enjoyable. Finding the right snowmobile handlebar grips could make a big difference when it comes to the feel of your handlebars and the amount of control you have over your snowmobile.

Changing your snowmobile handlebar grips usually happens for one of three reasons, the first being you are changing up your handlebar set up and need new handlebar grips.

The second being your current handlebar grips are worn out and now you need new ones and the third and final reason being you just want to change up the style or look of your handlebar grips. As far as modifying your snowmobile, improving the handlebar grips is cheap and beneficial. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to make your riding experience better. 

Throughout this article we help you get a grip on the best snowmobile handlebar grips and why we chose them. By the way, that pun was definitely intended. 

These Are The Best Snowmobile Handlebar Grips Money Can Buy

#1 Cheetah Factory Racing – Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

Taking the top of the list is one of our personal favorites, the CFR Snowmobile Handlebar Grip. This is an injection molded handlebar grip that is made with a super tacky rubber giving you the most grip per handful of bars. These grips are made with a very thin diameter rubber compound which allows them to fit over your handlebar heating elements. 

The diamond pattern grip provides maximum comfort and also gives the rider optimum handlebar feel. These grips are 6 7/8 in length and fit all of CFR’s handlebars, most stock handlebars and many aftermarket handlebars. They are long enough to fit over “J” hooks. The CFR Snowmobile Handlebar Grips are not recommended for the small diameter Ski Doo handlebars, CFR makes a “Signature Grip” that would be better for these handlebars. 

One of our personal favorite features of the CFR Snowmobile Handlebar Grips is the fact that they are available in 10 different colors. Let’s be honest, we all want our sleds to look good. If you are going to customize your sled, you may as well go all out. What better way to do that than to choose the color of your handlebar grips. 

If you are interested in these snowmobile handlebar grips, grab your wallet. Costing $36.62 USD per pair, these grips are definitely not the cheapest. It’s not that $36.62 USD is an unfathomable amount, but for a pair of rubber grips it seems to be a bit expensive. There are cheaper options that you will see within this article. Although we just tore these grips apart for their higher price, keep in mind you will not be changing your grips all too often which might help you justify spending the money on the CFR Snowmobile Handlebar Grips. 

#2 RSI – Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

Next on our list is the RSI Racing Snowmobile Handlebar Grips. These grips come in 3 different lengths which are 5 in, 7 in. and 8 in. The 7 in. grips are available in 11 different colors, one of which is even a stylish swirl of gray, white and black color scheme. If you are interested in the 5” or 8 in. snowmobile handlebar grips your only color option is black as they are less commonly chosen lengths. 

These grips work on any RSI tapered and steel handlebar hooks and other handlebars with prebent hooks. They also work great on stock handlebars and handlebars with short pre-bent hooks. If you are running a handlebar with longer than normal hooks the 7 in. grip will not work. You will need either the 8 in. grip or RSI’s “Gel Grip Wrap”. On the other hand, no pun intended, if the grips are too long for your liking simply just cut them to the size you would like.

If you have small hands or enjoy a narrower feel on your handlebars these could be the snowmobile handlebar grips for you. The thin rubber design results in a smaller round feel when installed on your handlebars. RSI recommends using their Grip Stay Grip Adhesive when installing these snowmobile handlebar grips. This adhesive retails at $12.95 USD. 

The RSI Snowmobile Handlebar Grips retail at $24.95 USD for every length offered. That is nearly $12 USD cheaper than the CFR grips we previously talked about. 

#3 Rox Speed FX – Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

Our third pick is the Rox Speed FX Snowmobile Handlebar Grips. If you are familiar with the snocross world you are aware these are the chosen grips of many pro level teams. That says a lot as good grip and control is a necessity in the sport of snowmobile racing. Without it would be a recipe for disaster. 

These grips are thin, durable and black in color. They come in one length which is precisely 6 7/8 inches. They are made for 7/8 in handlebars with a regular thumb throttle. Outside of this Rox Speed FX really does not tell you much more. We can not guarantee these grips will work properly with your handlebar’s heating elements, but we would be very surprised if they did not as handlebar grips are relatively standard in design and function. 

One of the best things about these snowmobile handlebar grips is the price. Only costing $11.95 USD makes these grips the most affordable option on this list. We believe these grips provide the most bang for your buck and would not hesitate using them ourselves. 

#4 ODI – Snowmobile Handlebar Grips

Last but not least we have the ODI Ruffian Snowmobile Handlebar Grips. These grips are a less popular aftermarket grip, but still provide an excellent non-slip performance. They are 8 inches long and made for a 7/8 in. handlebar with a standard thumb throttle. They are offered in 6 different colors, most of which are very bright. 

These snowmobile handlebar grips are easy to install. Simply slide them on. No adhesives or wire is required. When combined with the ODI Lock-On Grip System these grips can be locked into place with a few turns of a wrench. We have personally never tested out this lock-on grip system, but we are very intrigued to see it in action. 

These snowmobile handlebar grips retail at $16.95 USD. Cheaper than our first two options, but a little higher than the Rox Speed FX grips. Honestly this does not seem to be a bad price for a set of grips. Most likely if you are planning on changing your snowmobile handlebar grips you are planning on spending anywhere from $10 USD to $40 USD anyways. 

Why Every Snowmobiler Should Upgrade Their Grips

Get a grip fam. That is all there is to it. We realize this was not the most exhausting list ever, but the truth of the matter is that there just is not that many options out there for snowmobile handlebar grips. Now do not get us wrong, there are some other options that we did not include in this article. We set out to provide you a list of the best snowmobile handlebars on the market and that is exactly what we did. Let us know in the comments below what snowmobile handlebar grips you are using and what you like and dislike about them.