Burandt Adventure Tunnel Bag

Optimizing storage space on your snowmobile is a must with all the gear we carry nowadays. Tunnel Bags are a great option for additional storage. They provide tons of space for things such as your shovel, extra gear, and snacks. Utilizing the space the tunnel provides with a tunnel bag is one of the best ways to make sure you have room for everything you will need for the day. Since we currently ride Polaris, we use the Burandt Adventure Tunnel Bag offered by Polaris. Let’s talk about it! 

The Burandt Adventure Tunnel Bag 

Like we just got done saying, we chose to use the Burandt Adventure Tunnel Bag because the bag actually came with the sled when we bought it. Yes, we paid real money for it. We like it so much we would willing spend more real money on another one of these tunnel bags. Keep reading if you are interested in hearing more about this bag and why we like it so much. 

About this Tunnel Bag 

Durable– need we say more… this thing was clearly built to last. The quality of this tunnel bag is through the roof. We love this because we go hard on our stuff! That’s what it is made for, being used. Don’t let your uncle tell you different. 

Easy Removability– lock and ride technology allows you to take this tunnel bag off in a matter of seconds, literally. Switch this bag between sleds or take it off at the end of your ride to air your gear out or keep it from those greasy thieves trying to ruin your day. 

Tons of Space– lack of space is not an issue with this tunnel bag. We stuff our Pieps shovel in there, along with a Snobunje Rattler, a probe, a few bottles of water, plenty of snacks, and we still have extra space. 

Low profile– doesn’t get in your way when riding. Not only that, but it is not a pain in the rear to store in the cabin or truck cab. This bag provides tons of space and does not get in your way. It is not bulky and clunky! It is sleek and honestly looks pretty cool on the tunnel. 

Weather Resistant– this should come as no surprise. Obviously being exposed to the elements of mother nature this bag needs to be sealed tight and ready to take on whatever comes its way. Keeping your things dry and protected is an easy task for this tunnel bag. 

Clam Shell Design– this helps with the bags durability and its waterproofness. The hard plastic like rubber-ish  shell that encompasses the top of the bag is one of our favorite features. It is meant to take a beating. The quick latch clips on both sides make it completely removable. We usually only unclip one side which is why we call it a clam like design. Refer to the video below to further understand this! 

Vented Mesh Pocket– under the clam shell, if you will, you will find a mesh pocket spanning the entire top of the bag. This is a great place to store your already wet/frozen gear or whatever you want really! We tend to put things like water bottles, foldable saw, etc. in this pocket. 

Customizable Velcro Divider– inside the main part of the tunnel bag you will find a removable divider. This is handy if you want to divide your gear up into different spots. We take ours out because we throw everything in there and don’t care about where it is in there. We also tend to put bigger things in it so the divider gets in the way more than anything. 

Smaller Version– This tunnel bag also comes in a smaller version. Roughly two thirds the size, this bag is identical to the full size bag. It takes up 21 inches of tunnel space compared to the 26 inches the large bag takes, to be exact. If you don’t need as much storage space or want room on your tunnel for a gas can, etc. we recommend getting this smaller bag. It is also a little cheaper! 

Why We Use This Tunnel Bag  

After reading the features of this tunnel bag there really is not much explaining to be done here. We use this bag because we love it and it suits all of our needs completely. This tunnel bag meets all of our requirements and has been in use season after season and we have no intent on switching unless of course we switch brands. We highly recommend this tunnel bag. 9/10 would recommend, would buy again, would gift to our dearest friends. Get one you will not regret this purchase. 

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The large Burandt Adventure Tunnel Bag!