Snobunje Rattler Review

Have you ever needed a ski pull, but it just was not enough? Before grabbing your shovel, try the Snobunje Rattler. This unique tool gives your ordinary ski pull some extra strength. You may be confused as can be at this point. Continue reading to see how the Snobunje Rattler works and how it can help you!

Snobunje Rattler: A Game Changer

We have all been there. When the conditions are good and you have to keep asking your buddies for a ski pull it can be a major hit to the ego. Instead of being the guy always needing a ski pull, be the guy that comes to the rescue. The Snobunje Rattler can help you do this, we can attest. It has made our lives so much easier!

How the Snobunje Rattler Works

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, the Snobunje Rattler is a tool that allows you to capitalize on your weight and leg strength to help get your sled unstuck. We like to describe it as a big rubber band with a handle and a hook. It sounds funky, but it works great.

This can be especially useful if you get stuck and your riding buddies are nowhere to be found. Simply hook the Snobunje Rattler to your rear bumper, and pull forward while you tap the throttle. This is essentially a one man ski pull. You may have to do this a couple times to get the sled out of its hole and on top of good snow.

The added force from pulling reduces the weight the sled has to push. This makes it so much easier for the sled to get out of its hole and on top of the good snow. The spring like motion from the bungees inside the plastic casing increases the distance you are capable of pull the sled.

Why You Need the Snobunje Rattler

You need the Snobunje Rattler, because it will make your life easier. Getting stuck sucks, but getting stuck when you have a Snobunje Rattler sucks less. We do not go anywhere without ours. There is nothing worse than getting stuck and striuggling to get unstuck. In the process you typically get extremely exhausted and sweaty. This ultimately shortens your number of hours on the snow and can make snowmobiling a lot less enjoyable.

Having the Snobunje Rattler can really make your snowmobiling experiences so much more enjoyable and a lot less work. There has been days that would have really not been much fun, but thanks to the proper tools and knowledge of how to use them those days have been some of the funniest days we have had on snow. We highly recommend spending the money on a Snobunje Rattler as we are sure you will not regret this purchase.

What We Like and Don’t Like

We really like the functionality of the Snobunje Rattler. It has truly came in handy many times and saved us from physical exhaustion numerous times. The only downfall we can come up with for this product would be that it does take a considerable amount of storage space in either your backpack or tunnel bag. With that said it really is not that big of a deal as it curls up pretty tight and does not weigh very much at all. A lot of riders choose to strap the Snobunje Rattler onto their sled in various places such as the tunnel, seat, or running boards. We use large tunnel bags and choose to store them there.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message on Instagram or comment on this post. We love hearing what everyone has to say and answering all questions!

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