What Is A Clicker Shock?

One of the best ways to improve the comfortability on your snowmobile while riding is to upgrade your shocks. It is one of those upgrades where you do not actually fully understand just how much of a difference it makes until you do it. Having a good set of shocks on your snowmobile is life changing. We currently use Walker Evans Clicker Shocks on our Polaris Pro RMK. Throughout this article we explain what a clicker shock is, how it works and what there is to like about them. 

What is a Clicker Shock?

We will keep this simple for you rather than go in depth on all the technology behind how the clicker shocks work. A Clicker Shock is simply a shock that can be adjusted with the use of a knob on top of the shocks reservoir. This is a 16-way compression-adjustable reservoir that allows you to set the shocks’ firmness or softness to your liking just by turning the knob one way for firm and the other way for soft. These shocks are made for the front of your snowmobile as well as for in the skid. 

How Does a Clicker Shock Work?

No tools required for these bad boys. The clicker shocks are operated with your fingers and do not even require removing your gloves if you so wish. When turning the knob on the reservoir you will hear a click hence the name clicker shock. Turning the knob to the right increases the firmness of the shock while turning the knob to the left increases the softness of the shock. These are one of the easiest shocks on the market to adjust. Making them highly desired amongst riders across the world. Polaris snowmobiles offer the Walker Evans clicker shocks as an upgrade when purchasing a Polaris snowmobile. 

The Benefits of Using Clicker Shocks 

The biggest benefit we see to using clicker shocks is the fact that you can adjust your shocks while out on the mountain or trail without even taking your gloves off if you do not want to. A lot of times we spend part of the day trail riding to places with off trail deep powder riding. Having the ability to adjust our shocks throughout the day allows us to keep our ride as comfortable as possible all day long. 

On top of the clicker shocks’ ease of use and adjustability, they are made of high quality and are built to last. It is important you know how to use them and understand the settings for the conditions for which they will be used under. Note, damage can be done to these shocks if you do not know what you are doing, just like any other shock on the market. 

Things To Be Aware of With Clicker Shocks

The biggest issue we have seen with riders using the clicker shocks is that they get damaged from being used in the most firm setting. Keep in mind, the more firm the shocks are, the less forgiving they are. If you are a bigger guy and need your shocks more firm to avoid bottoming them out, be cautious when making the clicker shocks too firm. We have seen several riders inflict significant damage to their shocks when having the clicker shocks on the highest setting. We recommend staying at least two clicks away from the highest setting. Also, do not have the clicker shocks on the softest or lowest setting as they are sure to bottom out. Somewhere in the middle is what we have experienced as the best. 

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