Deviant Ink Sled Wrap Review

Look good, feel good, ride good. Whether you are willing to admit it or not we all want our sleds to look good. Making your sled unique to you makes riding it that much more enjoyable. Let’s be honest, it’s fun to turn heads on the mountain. Sled wraps can be a conversation piece just like that tattoo on your left butt cheek you got after losing a bet. Now lets get to the nit and grit of this article! 

Deviant Ink Sled Wraps: Give Your Sled a New Look

Deviant Ink is one of the industry’s leading sled wrap companies. Some may say the originator of the sled wrap. Recently they have changed ownership and are now located in Rexburg, Idaho. Our sponsorship with Deviant Ink started roughly 2 years ago with the creation of our custom wrap called the “Tundra Tiger”. 

When you decide it’s time to get a sled wrap for your own snow pony you can expect the best from Deviant Ink. Their customer service is prompt and always helpful. The quality of their wraps is very high. You won’t have to wait forever to receive your wrap as they take their orders seriously and understand their customers are usually not so patiently waiting.

What We Liked About Deviant Ink

When buying a wrap you can either choose from an array of preset designs were you will be able to choose your colors or you can go full custom by communicating with their graphic design team. The later option is the one we chose. The customization process was smooth and they were very easy to work with. They took time to hear out our ideas and put them to paper. Once the initial draft was created they worked with us to make minor changes to get it as close as it could be to the image we had stuck in our minds.

The installation process was made simple thanks to their installation guide, decal placement guide, and install videos. Check out the video below to see how simple installing a sled wrap is!

When it comes to fit and finish these wraps are astonishing. We absolutely love the amount of coverage these wraps provide and the way it all came together when finished. We have received numerous compliments on the sled wrap. A big concern for many riders is durability. There is nothing to worry about here. We have ran our sleds through trees regularly and our wraps have withheld all of it like a boss. 

We highly recommend checking out Deviant Ink when you are considering where to get your sled wrap from! Custom wraps start at $500. 

If you already have a Deviant Ink sled wrap send us a photo! We would love to see it!