The 5 Easiest Sled Mods

First of all we want to acknowledge the fact that some of you will argue that these aren’t all true sled mods. Well, to put it simply, you are wrong. Any change from stock is a mod. It’s actually that simple… 

Sled Mods Anyone Can Do

1) Exhaust

If your sled sounds cool you’re obviously doing it right. Putting a can on your sled is fairly cheap and also a good way to reduce the weight of your sled. Install is ridiculously easy clocking in at a whopping 10 minutes, maybe… Sledheadzzz runs GGB Exhaust. We have tested their Mountain Can and Trail Can. Not too long ago they came out with a Quiet Can for those who don’t want their sled too loud, but want to cut some weight. From our experiences the Mountain Can is a little loud for our preferences, but the Trail Can is prime! We love the the way it sounds idling and when we grab some throttle. There are several companies out there to choose from all with their own differentiating features. Your average can will cost anywhere from $200-$350.

2) Skis

Skis are definitely not a must, especially if you ride a Polaris. Stock skis have gotten better and better over the years. With that said theres still nothing like having a fully customized sled to look the way you want it, not to mention that some aftermarket skis do come with various benefits, perfecting the short comings of the stock skis. Sledheadzzz rides Slydog Skis, specifically their 8” Powder Hounds. These skis are great for deep powder as they provide as much float as possible. There are a lot of different ski options available. Take time to decide the style of ski you want that will best aline with your style of riding. Skis will run you around $250-$500. 

3) Sled Wrap

Not much explaining to do here. Sled wraps are a great way to give your sled a whole new identity. Choose from thousands of already designed wraps or design your own! The options are literally endless. Here at Sledheadzzz we rock Deviant Ink wraps. From our experience their sled wraps have been very high quality in regards to durability, fit, and finish. A full wrap will run you around $700-$1000 depending on were you get it. 

4) Handlebars

If you’re as passionate about sledding as we are, you already know you’ve got a lifetime sentence behind bars. With that said comfort is a must. Switching your bars allows you to change the amount of rise and the form of riding. Making your sled fit you the best it can will only improve your riding. A set of bars will cost you roughly $100-$300. This will vary depending on the bar you get and if you will want a special riser, etc. Sledheadzzz currently does not run any particular bars. 

5) Suspension

So many options available when it comes to suspension. Upgrading your suspension is a no-brainer if you’re hardcore. Whether you’re trail riding, ditch banging, hitting massive kickers, or doing crazy pow turns having a good suspension set up will make your sled preform much smoother, literally. We currently use the Walker Evans Clicker Shocks that come stock on the 2016 Polaris Pro RMK. These have certainly done their job for us and our needs. We won’t make any recommendations on what shock is right for you as your needs may be much different than ours. Regardless a full set of shocks is going to cost you a bit more than the other options previously listed coming in anywhere from $1200 and up. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions, comments, etc. please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to chat! This article is based strictly off our opinion.