What Is A Snowmobile Hop Over?

If you are into technical riding or would like to get into it, chances are you have seen Chris Burandt or Dan Admas throwing down. Moves such as the hop over are a popular one amongst technical riders. Mastering maneuvers used by technical riding professionals may give you the ability to go places you would […]

Best Snowmobile Handlebar Risers

Looking to improve your stance while aboard your snowmobile or are you just wanting to be one of those super gnarly ditch banging baddies? Either way we have a snowmobile handlebar riser for you. In all seriousness, handlebar risers, when used properly, can improve your stance while riding your snowmobile. Improved stance, sometimes referred to […]

What Is A Snowmobile Handlebar Riser?

There are many modifications that can be done to your snowmobile. Some modifications are justified by the increased performance they add to your snowmobile and others by the increase in comfort they add for you, the rider. A snowmobile handlebar riser is a modification to your snowmobile that is relatively affordable as compared to other […]

Best Klim Snowmobile Gloves

Best Klim Snowmobile Gloves

When it comes to snowmobiling-specific gloves, some of the best options available are Klim snowmobile gloves. Keeping your hands warm is not always as easy as it may sound. It is no wonder why Klim has several different styles including gloves with heating elements in them to help cover all weather conditions from mildly cold […]

Best Avalanche Backpack

If you enjoy snowmobiling in the mountains or are thinking about getting into it, you need to heavily consider acquiring a snowmobile avalanche backpack. As a rule of thumb, buy the best avalanche transceiver, and the best avalanche backpack you can afford. The bottom line is, if you’re in a scenario where you need to […]

How Do Avalanche Beacons Work?

Let’s talk Avalanche Beacons. Avalanche beacons are an important piece of gear for anybody venturing into the backcountry. Technically called “avalanche transceivers”, avalanche beacons are one of the most important pieces of gear you’ll buy when planning a backcountry snowmobiling trip. What are Beacons and why do you need one Avalanche beacons are not an […]

Best Snowmobile Gloves

Choosing the right snowmobile gloves can be difficult. There are so many options! From numerous colors and styles to a variety of different functions and purposes. The snowmobile gloves mentioned in this article are all unique in their own ways and all of them have their own, sometimes unnoticeable, perks. Here at Sledheadzzz we like […]

Best Avalanche Transceivers

If you have a trip to the mountains planned, you are going to want to make sure you have an avalanche transceiver with you! The mountains are never to be underestimated at any time. They take multiple lives every year. Having the right gear and the proper knowledge before going into the mountains is a […]

Snobunje Rattler Review

Have you ever needed a ski pull, but it just was not enough? Before grabbing your shovel, try the Snobunje Rattler. This unique tool gives your ordinary ski pull some extra strength. You may be confused as can be at this point. Continue reading to see how the Snobunje Rattler works and how it can […]

Best Snowmobile Handlebars

Snowmobile Handlebars being put to the test with a sharp turn on a snowmobile

If you are sentenced to a life behind bars, choosing the right snowmobile handlebars for your sled is a must. Having the right set of bars for your riding style is always nice, but even more important is having handlebars that fit you. Yes, you read that right… it is important to make sure your […]