Top 5 Pieces of Snowmobile Gear You Need for Mountain Riding

The 5 most important pieces of snowmobile gear for mountain riding, especially when we are in unfamiliar terrain or there has been an abnormally large snowfall the night before. Avalanche risk is always something to be aware of and never to under estimated. We highly recommend getting the proper avalanche safety training before heading to the mountains. This article will talk about the top 5 pieces of snowmobile gear you won’t want to go to the mountains without.

Mountain Riding? These Are 5 Essential Must Own Pieces of Gear

1) Avalanche Airbag

This is a no-brainer. An inflatable avalanche bag is your best chance of survival if you find yourself in an avalanche. We like to use the 24L Pieps Airbag from Klim. This bag provides ample space for everything you could need. The only downfall of this bag is that it is a bit bigger than the rest and a lot of riders like having a smaller bag that is a little more comfortable to wear and less clunky.

We like all the space the Pieps Airbag provides for snacks, cause if you’re like us you don’t just go out to ride for an hour or two, you go for a full day and obviously you need to stay energized on the mountain. With that said there are many options when it comes to snowmobile gear. We highly recommend checking into all the options as one may suit your needs better than the other. For more, check out our Klim Aspect 16 Avalanche Backpack Review, our deep dive of the BCA Float 15 Turbo, as well as the review we wrote of the Highmark Ridge 3.0 Backpack.

For Avalanche Airbags, we recommend the following: 

2) Beacon

The one piece of snowmobile gear that all snowmobilers riding steep terrain definitely need. Avalanche beacons, also known as avalanche transceivers, are a critical piece of avalanche safety gear that helps a rider get found in the event of an avalanche. Everyone in the group needs an avalanche beacon otherwise they are no good. In order to use a beacon you need another beacon to find. In the event of you getting buried in an avalanche your beacon will allow other riders, not in the avalanche, to search for you.

It is vital that everyone in the group has their beacons on and ready to go. Sledheadzzz uses the Pieps Beacons. Luckily we have not had to use them yet and we hope we never have to. As mentioned before, there are lots of options when it comes to snowmobile gear. Do your research and get the one that you believe will work the best for you.

3) Probe and Shovel

A probe and shovel are a must if you’re searching for a buried sledder. These pieces of snowmobile gear are super easy  to keep on you, either strapped to your backpack or on your tunnel/tunnel bag. You’ll find the shovel very useful for other things such as when you burry your sled in several feet of fresh powder. Pieps makes an awesome shovel we like to use that extends when you need to use it, making it super easy to store and carry with you. You will be needing a shovel regardless when you get stuck in all the freshies.

4) CB Radio

We made the mistake of going to the mountains once without CB Radios and we will never do it again. The mountains can be a scary place. Not being able to communicate or locate your buddies makes it even scarier. Communication is key not only in relationships, but also backcountry snowmobiling. Make sure you and your riding group have radios and are on the right channel so you can stay near one another and can help each other out if need be. Getting lost in the trees is way too easy. Stay connected! We use the BCA Radio and would highly recommend this purchase if you do not currently have one.

5) First Aid Kit

Accidents happen and that is why it is important to stay equipped with the proper snowmobile gear. Having a small first aid kit may come I handy here and there. You never know when your buddy is going to hit a tree and cut his finger on a branch. Help him out with a band-aid at least. On a more serious note, a first aid kit can do a lot and help you survive until you can get actual medical assistance if needed. Not only can it do that, but it may also carry things you would’ve never though would be helpful. Do yourself a favor and bring one along. You may thank yourself later. We definitely have.

Author’s Note

Never underestimate the power of mother nature. Get equipped with the right snowmobile gear, understand the risks, practice safety, and have fun out there shredding the mountain! If you have a piece of snowmobile gear you really like using or think should be included in this list, please contact us and let us know!

The 5 Pieces of Snowmobile Gear You Need

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